hello again

Once again, here I am looking at a blank WordPress install.  It seems entirely too frequent that I have to set these things up, so maybe one of my first orders of business should be to set up a mysql backup system so I can at least pretend to have some sort of persistence of memory.

It seems to be very much frowned upon in the Kauffman/JDE community to continue the supposedly juvenile practice of not capitalizing sentences.  This seems a bit poorly thought out, yet I adhere to it anyways in anything more than one person will read.  It cannot be the case that everything written with proper capitalization is instantly valuable, and that any writing which lacks that is not.

Furthermore, other communities I am part of would consider it even offensive to “care” so much about such a thing. It certainly isn’t that way for a lack of understanding of how such a simple thing works. It appears, instead, that drawing a line between casual and serious communication is best drawn implicitly through style.

Maybe it rubs on people the way OLDER PEOPLE TYPING THEIR ENTIRE COMMUNICATIONS IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS frustrates me. At least I have the mechanics of reading on my side:

Words set in lower-case have a more distinct outline and are therefore more quickly recognizable than words in caps.

– Designing With Type, by James Craig  

Perhaps I’m just too concerned with what’s stylish.